The Seven Steps

to assess

Growth capabilities

 we::nXt can help high-tech organizations assess their current revenue & growth capabilities by running a 7-step assessment:

  • Step 1: Company Objectives
    • Assess the clarity throughout the entire company around the real drivers of revenue growth.
  • Step 2: Markets
    • Assess how well you have defined which markets you will, and will not, compete in.
  • Step 3: Products
    • Assess how well you have defined the products/markets combinations. Assess value propositions. Assess pricing, business models, packaging, Ts&Cs.
  • Step 4: Competitors
    • Assess how well you have defined who you compete with, and how you plan to differentiate and win.
  • Step 5: Go-To-Market
    • Assess how well you cover your markets. Assess selection and optimization of your sales channels.
  • Step 6: Talent & Capabilities
    • Assess how well the skills and capabilities of the sales teams match the objectives and requirements of the corporate strategy.
  • Step 7: Sales Methodology & Process and Tools
    • Assess what Sales methodology, processes and tools are implemented across the sales teams to ensure flawless execution.